Proven track record in the delivery of a variety of CAD based projects for motorsport, defense and OEM’s. R53 engineers use the latest CAD software to deliver innovative and performance designs.

The first step of our design approach is to fully understand our customer needs!

Our designers, working tightly with our production engineers, deliver effective designs to meet our customer’s requirements, deadlines and budgets.


Our design and engineering approach is based on input-output analysis. Full understanding of the input coupled with our partner’s expertise using the latest analysis tools enables us a rapid and efficient solution before going into production.

  • Data logging
  • CAE
  • CFD
  • Simulation (Dymola, ADAMS,…)

Vehicle development (Vehicle conversions / Prototypes)

R53 has experience in full vehicle development. We can offer from design, validation, prototype build to production including homologation o suit customer demands.

  • Mitsubishi WRC
  • Nissan London taxi
  • Lightning GT (EV supercar)
  • Dakar vehicle
  • High performance vehicles

Project management

Our efficient and dynamic project management skills used for our internal projects can also be offered to our customers as an external resource.

Race engineering

Our race engineers have vast experience at high level motorsport (F1, WRC, Dakar, LMS, GT, ….). R53 can offer resources to motorsport teams from data analysis to race engineering.
Track record of race engineering & data analysis

  • Mitsubishi WRC
  • McLaren GT3
  • Bentley GT3
  • Mercedes F1
  • Mercedes SLR McLaren
  • Zytek LMP2
  • Formula Renault
  • BTCC
  • Others…

Damper (Shock absorber) development

R53 has more than 20 years experience in working with several damper (shock absorber) manufacturers like Bilstein, Showa, Ohlins, Sachs, Penske, BOS… from WRC to F1 and also in defense applications.

  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Servicing
  • Dyno testing and curve development
  • Race track support

R53 has an in-house damper (shock absorber) facility that is also available for hire with engineering support