R53 Throttle damper

R53 Suspension (www.r53suspension.com) has developed a throttle damper, the same as used in F1 but made available to suit all types of vehicles.
With fly by wire engines, the throttle pedal feel is reduced, therefore the R53 throttle damper offers an much improved throttle pedal control, with progressivity throughout the travel. It has a free flow return in order for the pedal to return to the static position normally.
The pedal return spring is already part of the damper making a much simpler pedal design. Springs and damper settings can be easily changed to suit each driver and vehicle needs.
The R53 throttle damper uses experience and technology of F1, WRC, and other top series, but now available to all series and public. As other dampers it uses shims and gas nitrogen to get great characteristics.


  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • Nitrogen filled damper
  • Main piston using shims
  • F1 technology
  • Fully adjustable damping characteristics to suit driver needs
  • Material: Alloy
  • Adjustment: 15mm
  • Max stroke: 45mm stroke
  • Weight: 195 grs (with steel spring)
  • Spring: Steel (Titanium is an option)
  • Fixing: Eyelet or fork
  • Length and strokes: Adjustable to suit customer requirements